Dr Kassi Klein offers insightful 1-on-1 Coaching Support for Men.

With extensive experience working as a Medical Doctor in Mental Health, a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a Relationship Coach for Men, she offers a very specialised and unique approach to her coaching.

Sessions are done via Virtual Zoom Calls from anywhere in the world.

Currently, she is offering her personalised coaching support in the following areas:



1 x 60 min Coaching Session for:

  • Support following a Relationship Breakup, separation or divorce.
  • Overcoming difficulty with intimacy or conflict in a relationship.
  • Understanding the female perspective in relationships.
  • Indecision about whether to stay or leave a relationship, or difficulty leaving a relationship that is emotionally abusive.
  • Concerns about carrying 'baggage' from previous relationships.
  • Difficulty in finding a relationship as a single man.
  • Other areas include: Dealing with Loneliness, Imposter Syndrome, Work Stress, Perfectionism, Feelings of Guilt/Shame, Addiction to Porn, Performance Anxiety & Social Anxiety

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"I'm interested but I'm not sure if this is for me?"

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"Dr Kassi Klein is a professional, hardworking, and all around delightful human being. Her methodologies work! Furthermore she has a keen insight into your needs with a heart to help you through the difficult times. I highly recommend working with her and full heartedly support and encourage you to take advantage of a truly remarkable service."

- A.V. (New York)

"Dr Kassi Klein did well to help ease my nervous energy and maintained a judgement free environment that really helped me express my concerns on the level I intended. Her experience and well refined insight helped us work together in targeting and finding solutions to the difficulties I was facing. I left feeling a lot more certainty within myself and my path which are really important things to me. I highly recommend Dr Kassi's therapeutic and solution-based approach."

- A.D. (Melbourne, Australia)

"I reached out for support after a failed marriage. I had some serious baggage holding me back which was stopping me from breaking through into what I can now see is the second stage of my life. Dr Kassi Klein’s professionalism shines through and I knew after five minutes I had made the right choice to reach out for coaching. Everything that was said was like building the past’s picture back up so I could clearly see it and move on in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Kassi Klein to anyone, she is truly brilliant."

- S.D. (United Kingdom)

“It was a great help with managing my emotions and stress after my divorce. Kassi helped me realize my worth and understand that it wasn’t all me and I deserved more than was being received. Her warm and calming demeanour made it very easy to talk to her and she was very good at helping me rationalize things. I would highly recommend talking to her if you’re on the fence on whether or not coaching could help you. I would say give it a shot, as I was once the type to think it would never be of any help to me."

- T.S. (Vancouver, Canada)

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